Learn to Take Great Nature & Macro Photos with David B Simmonds APP.L

Photography Coaching at the Cape Otway Conservation Ecology Centre

Join David on a photography-focussed tour and learn how to take better nature and macro photos, and at the same time, learn all about the flora and fauna you're seeing with CEC's Shayne Neil. These are personalised two hour tours (with an additional complimentary half hour for intros and getting to know you, your gear, your goals etc. So there's lots of friendly and fun one-on-one coaching within a very small group. Or if you prefer a full session just for you, you can book that, too. Suits all skill levels, I tailor each session to each person in the group. So whether you just want to get off AUTO, or are more experienced, I'll help you on to the next step for you.

Tiger Quoll Leafy Greenhood Orchid











BIG GAME, SMALL GAME, ALL THE SAME: Photographing animals needs skill and patience. We'll explore lenses, converters, apertures, high ISO, low light shooting, points of focus, how to shoot moving subjects, using flash etc Then some post production tips afterwards so you can get the most out of your image files.

WORLDS WITHIN WORLDS: Getting in close with Macro Photography of plants, flowers, insects, and all the details and textures of CEC's Eco-lodge environment. Again, you'll learn what lenses, tips & tricks there are to getting in close, whether you have a macro lens or not.

1-2 people

$145 per hour

ie $72.50 per hour if split between 2 people

3 people

$165 per hour

ie $55 per hour if split between 3 people

4 people

$200 per hour

ie $50 per hour if split between 4 people


Bookings via the Conservation Ecology Centre