Johanna BeachBreaking Wave at Johanna Beach © David B Simmonds


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Welcome to your new photography column. We want to celebrate your best SHOTS, and help you take even better ones. The truth is no-one sees the world in quite the way you do. So why not share it here and get some friendly advice along the way. You’ll be in the running to win Autumn’s “Best Shot of the Season”, the winning photo will be published in early June. The “best” questions and answers will be published in the next OL, but all questions will be answered directly via email. So send them in. It doesn’t matter what camera you use. It’s the creativity of seeing that counts, whether it’s a phone camera or a pro camera.

This column appears every 2nd edition (i.e. fortnightly) so get shooting! You can see all the photos submitted HERE.

This week's feature photo is a heroic tree by Monty.